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Step into a place where you forget all the problems and worries of ordinary days. A place breathing with luxury that gives you a sense of excellence. You suddenly feel like you were in the fairy tale of Thousand and One Night.

Finnish dry sauna has regenerative and relaxing effects and is excellent for preventing various types of diseases. It is especially effective in relaxing the musculature, with the resulting in overall relaxation. The high temperature of the air in the Finnish sauna helps to increase the body’s sweat, so the body better gets rid of toxic substances. It activates the activity of glands and therefore ensures detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system.

Herbal sauna is an alternative for those who don´t like very hot places like a classic sauna or for parents with children. Aromatic herbal sauna is heated to a lower temperature and the air smells with herbal essences. When breathing these essences, breaths are released.

A stay in steam sauna has amazing effect on the skin. Pores are opened, undesirable substances are washed out of the skin.  In the sauna you can get rid of hated cellulite as well.

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Would you like to have massage or facial treatment? Your welcome, we are here for you. Caring about yourself is the best investment.

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