The love for traditional and world cuisine inspired chef Viliam Beň and his team to create a new à la carte concept. With their culinary art, they once again combined elements of French and Slovak cuisine into one whole. They have created dishes that alternate flavours, but with an emphasis on freshness and seasonality of ingredients, all with a vision of a commitment to cooking and sublimating what nature is currently offering us.

A fusion of two worlds. This is how the new à la carte menu, which was recently designed by chef Viliam Beňo in collaboration with his team from the hotel restaurant Cle D’Or, could be described in a nutshell . The new menu concept emphasizes the elements and authenticity of Slovak traditional cuisine combined with the mastery of French gastronomy. However, do not expect boredom. Get ready for innovative plating and dishes that are prepared to a high technical standard. With this menu, you can discover some of the best dishes from our region, a play of colours and flavours with a touch of French elegance.

With an emphasis on quality and freshness of ingredients

In the new menu you can find dishes made from seasonal and local ingredients from our regional suppliers, such as Hiadlovec cheese from Slovenska Ľupec, fresh eggs from Veľké Bierovice or herbs and vegetables from Beladice. All elements of the dishes are created exclusively by the hands of our chefs. Whether it’s chocolate clay, homemade spinach fritters, dehydrated zucchini, mint gel or homemade pasta, which completes the perfect interplay of looks and tastes. An integral part of our restaurant is, of course, the “couvert” in the form of a homemade loaf of prefermented yeast, which we serve with homemade butter and ligurčeková salt from our production. The traditional fish soup, a gastronomic staple that many have come to love, has also returned to the menu. The team of chefs enriched it by adding zander cheeks or sour cream espuma.

We also think about vegetarians

We have also expanded our à la carte menu to include meatless dishes in order to please the taste buds of our vegetarian guests. The vision in designing this menu was to maintain a symbiosis of flavours as with other dishes. For example, you can choose from a cauliflower variation consisting of pureed grilled cauliflower, roasted cauliflower, caramelized hazelnuts combined with tarragon sauce, or you can indulge in the handmade pasta “Aglio e Olio” combined with Slovak Hiadlovec cheese.

Personalised service completes the overall dining experience

The basis of our philosophy is to offer our guests an unforgettable gastronomic experience, but at the same time we want to give each of you a sense of uniqueness, so in addition to help with wine pairing to selected dishes, you can also expect a personalized approach from our waiters. They’ll impress you not only with top-notch service, but also with skills like tranching fish or carving a Tomahawk steak in front of your eyes.

We believe that culinary artistry and top service are a team effort, and both worlds have equal weight in completing the final culinary impression for each of our guests. Our team does not only try to portray the flavours of Slovenian-French cuisine through the menu, but offers guests a comprehensive gastronomic experience, thanks to their talent, professionalism and presentation of different flavour profiles in the individual dishes. However, as the famous saying goes: “It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times,” and that is why we invite you to the premises of the Zlatý Kľúčik Hotel to come and see our culinary skills for yourself. Our team will be happy to welcome you in the hotel restaurant Cle D’Or, where you will be served the dishes of your choice.