Complaints Procedure

Golden Key Services, s.r.o. with registered office at Svätourbanská 103/29, 949 01 Nitra, ID No.: 56031173,
registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court in Nitra, Section Sro, Insert No.: 62428/N.

The Complaints Procedure specifies the procedure of the buyer – consumer (hereinafter also referred to as “buyer” or “guest” or “consumer”) and Golden Key Services, s.r.o. (hereinafter also referred to as “seller”) in the event that, despite all efforts of the seller to maintain the high quality of the offered services / goods / products, a legitimate reason arises on the part of the consumer to assert liability rights for defects in the sold services and products.

If the consumer believes that the service/goods/product have not been provided in the agreed time, scope or quality, the seller gives the opportunity to file a complaint. Complaints are a motivational tool for the seller to improve the quality of services / goods / products. These Complaints Regulations govern the procedures and activities in the application of complaints (hereinafter referred to as the “Complaints Procedure”).

Introductory provisions

Complaints can be made in writing or verbally. With a complaint, the consumer claims liability towards the seller for defects in the provided service / goods / product, by failing to comply with the obligations arising for the seller from the General Terms and Conditions or the contract.

If it is a defect that can be remedied, the buyer has the right to have it remedied free of charge, in a timely and proper manner. The Seller is obliged to remove the defect without undue delay.

Instead of removing the defect, the buyer may require replacement of the item or, if the defect relates only to a part of the item, replacement of the part if this does not incur disproportionate costs for the seller in relation to the price of the goods or the severity of the defect.

If there is a defect that cannot be remedied and that prevents the item from being properly used as an item without defect, the buyer has the right to have the item replaced or to withdraw from the contract. The same rights belong to the buyer if the defects are repairable, but if the buyer cannot use the item properly due to the reoccurrence of the defect after repair or due to a greater number of defects.

If there are other irremediable defects, the buyer is entitled to a reasonable discount on the price of the item.

Liability for defects

The Seller shall be liable for defects in the goods sold when the Buyer accepts the goods and for defects that occur after the Buyer accepts the goods within the warranty period. The warranty period is within the meaning of § 620 of Act no. 40/1964 Zb. Civil Code, 24 months, unless a different warranty period is provided for specific cases.

The Buyer is obliged to immediately file a claim with the Seller in accordance with the applicable Complaints Procedure.

Complaint handling is subject to the applicable Complaints Procedure published on the Seller’s website The Buyer has been duly informed of the conditions and method of claiming goods, including information on where the claim can be made, and on the implementation of warranty repairs in accordance with Art. § 18 para. 1 of the Consumer Protection Act.

This Complaints Procedure applies to goods purchased by a Buyer who is a consumer from the Seller, on the Seller’s e-commerce website.

Warranty periods start from the date of receipt of the goods by the buyer.

The period from the exercise of the right of liability for defects until the time when the buyer was obliged to take over the goods after the completion of the repair is not included in the warranty period. If the goods are replaced, the warranty period will start again from the receipt of the new goods.

The rights of liability for defects in the goods for which the warranty period applies shall be extinguished if they have not been exercised within the warranty period.

The Buyer acknowledges that if gifts are provided together with the goods, the right to claim for defects in the goods cannot be claimed for such gift. If the gift has defects of which the Seller has knowledge, the Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer of such defects.

Filing a claim

In the event that the consumer exercises his/her right to claim, he/she is obliged to do so immediately upon discovery of a defect in the goods / service / product, directly at the reception desk at the Hotel Zlatý Kľúčik(hereinafter referred to as the “Hotel”) with the responsible employee in charge of receiving the claim (receptionist), or through electronic means of remote communication. Complaints shall be made in person using the standardized complaint protocol, which is available at the hotel reception, or in writing to the address of the Seller’s registered office. The consumer has the right to claim a defect in the service / goods / product provided only on his own behalf or through a third party on the basis of a written power of attorney by which the consumer authorizes the third party to claim.

The complaint may also be made by electronic means of remote communication, provided that the Buyer delivers the goods with all parts and accessories to the Seller’s registered office address within 30 days from the date of the complaint. In this case, the time limit for processing the complaint begins to run from the date of receipt of the subject of the complaint by the Seller.

In case of a deficiency in the provided accommodation services, the complaint must be filed immediately without undue delay with the hotel receptionist. Defects in minor room amenities that can be solved by replacing or supplementing the defective minor room amenities are considered as repairable defects in the services provided.

If a technical defect occurs in the room assigned to the guest (malfunction of the heating system, insufficient water pressure, non-functioning hot water supply, malfunction of the electricity supply, etc.), which cannot be quickly remedied and if the responsible hotel employee cannot move the guest to another room, and if the room will be provided to the guest despite these defects, the guest has the right to a discount of up to 10% of the basic price of accommodation by mutual agreement, or to withdraw from the contract and to a subsequent refund of the price paid for accommodation. In the event that a unilateral decision of the hotel leads to a significant change in accommodation compared to the confirmed accommodation and the guest does not agree to alternative accommodation, the guest has the right to cancel the confirmed order before arrival at the hotel or. the services booked or a refund of the payment already made for the accommodation.

Deficiencies in the catering services provided (food and beverages) intended for immediate consumption shall be complained about verbally by the consumer to the person who delivers the food and/or beverages, or by telephone or e-mail to the seller.

If the correct quality, weight, measure or price is not observed, the consumer shall have the right to request that the defect be rectified free of charge, properly and in a timely manner. Deficiencies in the quality of food and beverages intended for immediate consumption must be complained about by the consumer directly to the seller as soon as the deficiency is detected. Where the deficiencies detected relate to the quantity or weight of the food and beverages intended for immediate consumption, the consumer must complain about them before consumption begins. In these cases, the complaint is made by the consumer before the first taste of the food and drink.

If a consumer discovers a defect in food, food or drink, he or she has the right to have the product replaced, to receive a reasonable discount on the price of the product, or to a refund of the amount paid for the product.

Acceptance of a complaint

The employee in charge of receiving the complaint shall record the receipt of the complaint from the consumer in the complaint report and issue the consumer with a confirmation of the received complaint.

Subject of complaint

The consumer has the right to the provision of the service/good/product within the contractually agreed scope, as well as to the provision of the necessary information regarding its price and the content of the product.

If circumstances arise, the occurrence, course and consequence of which are not dependent on the actions and procedures of the Seller, or circumstances on the part of the Consumer, on the basis of which the Consumer does not use the ordered, paid for and provided by the Seller service / goods / product in whole or in part, the Consumer shall not be entitled to a refund or discount on the price of such service / goods / product. The Seller shall not be liable for damage which is not caused by him/her and not caused by his/her suppliers of services/goods and the damage was caused to the consumer by a third party not connected with the provision of the services/goods or by an event which could not have been prevented even if every effort had been made, or as a result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances.

Complaint handling

The consumer is obliged to cooperate with the employee in charge of the complaint (reservation manager, hotel manager, manager on duty) and to provide him with truthful information. The consumer is obliged to provide proof of payment for the claimed service/good/product.

The employee in charge of handling the complaint is obliged, after careful examination, to decide on the method of handling the complaint immediately, in more complex cases within 3 days, but no later than 30 days from the date of filing the complaint.

At the end of the complaint procedure, the employee in charge of handling the complaint is obliged to inform the consumer in writing about the handling of the complaint, within a period of no later than 30 days from the date of filing the complaint, to the consumer’s address.

The seller is obliged to keep a record of complaints and to submit it to the supervisory authority for inspection upon request. The complaint record shall contain details of the date on which the complaint was made, the date and method of handling the complaint and the serial number of the complaint document.

If the employee in charge of handling the complaint, after examining and assessing the complaint, finds the complaint to be justified, he/she will handle the complaint on the basis of the consumer’s decision with one of the following forms of compensation:

  • removal of defects in the service/goods/product provided,
  • exchanging a service/good/product for another,
  • a full or pro rata refund of the price paid for the service/good/product,
  • by providing a reasonable discount on the price of the future service provided, but only if the consumer agrees to this solution.

The Seller may always replace the defective item with a faultless one or provide a completely new service instead of removing the defect, if this does not cause serious inconvenience to the Buyer.

The Seller is obliged to issue a written proof of the complaint within 30 days from the date of the complaint, but no later than together with the proof of the complaint, if the time limit for its processing began to run from the date of receipt of the subject of the complaint by the Seller.

Final provisions

The Complaints Procedure is binding for the Seller and for all consumers of the Seller.

The Complaints Policy is located at the hotel reception.

The Provider reserves the right to make changes to this Complaints Procedure without prior notice.

The validity and effectiveness of this Complaints Procedure is from 25.1.2024.

Ing. Igor Gondár
hotel director