Delicious, chilled egg custard with caramelised sugar icing – a classic of French cuisine.

Background information:

The dessert consists of basic ingredients such as egg yolks, sugar, cream and vanilla. Translated into English, we would say that créme brulée is a tanned cream. Sweet temptation has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and, thanks to the egg yolks, contains many minerals and vitamins.


This world-famous recipe appeared in 1691, which suggests that this dessert is a true classic. The first mention is in Massialot’s recipe book. This master charmed Philip I, brother of Louis XIV, with his culinary skills. Since then, the dessert has spread all over the world.


It is very simple. The custard is boiled in a water bath and then cooled. A thin layer of sugar is poured over the cooled surface of the cream in baking dishes called ramekins, which are then caramelized with a flame. A caramel crust – custard – forms on the surface. In traditional recipes, no flavourings are added to the custard. Today, however, a variety of fragrances, essences taste of liqueurs and various fruits are added.

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