Meet our event manager and wedding coordinator Anna Horníková

Dream of a dream wedding will turn into reality

In the magical world of weddings, the coordinator plays a crucial role, especially in turning every couple’s dream into reality. It is important to remember that a good event manager and wedding coordinator should have more than just organizational skills, but also interpersonal savvy and the ability to gracefully handle high-pressure situations. That’s why we would like to introduce you to Anna Hornikova, event manager and wedding coordinator of the Zlatý Kľúčik Hotel, who definitely has these qualities.

A wedding coordinator or “wedding manager” specializes in organizing and coordinating the important aspects of a wedding. His primary role is to help couples plan and execute their dream wedding, ensuring that every detail is meticulously arranged and executed. Only in this way can an unforgettable experience be created without any stress. And wedding coordinators play an important role in the preparation process because they work closely with couples to understand their vision, preferences, budget and then assist them in turning those ideas into reality.

As our coordinator Anna Horníková also guides couples through the entire preparation process, from budget management to overall wedding day coordination, couples can enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable wedding planning experience with her help to ensure that their special day is flawless and unforgettable in the end. However, more details about the work of our wedding coordinator can already be found in the interview.

What motivated you career-wise to take the path of an event and wedding manager?
It’s hard to answer this question, as it all started in my childhood.😊As a little girl, I was already inclined towards organizing, when I used to organize cuddly toys in the nursery and later it continued in the kindergarten.😊 Then, as an adult, I decided to use this quality in the working field.

Is there any difference between organizing weddings and events?
It certainly does. I see a fundamental difference between organizing weddings and events, specifically in the preparation and planning of the day. Of course, every event requires precision, attention or preparation, so I approach everything with 100% focus and maximum commitment.

What do you think is really important in your job?
It is definitely precision and last but not least helpfulness and understanding. I pay attention to details.

And the stress? Can you handle him?
Stress? 😊 I don’t have that word in my dictionary. We have a great team of people at the Zlatý Kľúčik Hotel that I can rely on, so stress is not an option.

How can you ensure that every couple’s vision of their dream wedding is 100% fulfilled?
This is preceded by detailed planning of the timetable and the course of the wedding, from the arrival of the couple to the imaginary “closing of the door” for their wedding day. It is a demanding preparation of the whole day and the skilful work of the hotel team, which ensures not only the preparation of the wedding area, but also the preparation of the served menu, the evening menu and the midnight buffet under the supervision of our chef Viliam Benya. A service team of skilled people is also important and very helpful in this respect.

Is there anything in particular that you enjoy the most when organising weddings and, conversely, what is also the most difficult?
The whole preparation of weddings is very beautiful, but at the same time challenging. For me, the most beautiful feeling of the whole wedding is when I see the newlyweds happy and their dream of their dream wedding has come true.

Why should future married couples choose the premises of the Zlatý Kľúčik Hotel for their wedding?
We treat every wedding or event enquiry individually. The team at the Zlatý Kľúčik Hotel is ready to accommodate and assist you in any situation. We assist couples in planning their dream day from the first enquiry we receive whether it is in person, by email or by phone. We simply put the emphasis on precision. Also a great advantage of the hotel are the facilities, which are unique not only for weddings, celebrations, but also events and corporate meetings.

Which rooms in the hotel can couples use for their wedding?
Our hotel offers several wedding venues. Couples can use the Cle D’Or restaurant, for example, and this part of the restaurant can be reserved for their guests. Another venue to choose from is the Frenchie Terrasse restaurant, which is designed in the style of French Provence and is perfect for a romantic wedding with your closest family. The Wedding Pavilion has been designed for the most special events in life, which includes your wedding day, because this space will leave you with an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Last but not least, we have the luxurious Louis XIV Congress Hall space designed for larger weddings, congresses and events.

If you had to choose one space from the hotel for your big life event, which one would it be and why?
It would definitely be the Louis XIV convention room. From the first day I saw this space and saw the beautiful panoramic view of the city, I fell in love. 😊

How does the actual arranging of the wedding go from the initial contact email to the final day?
Initial receipt of enquiries is by email, telephone or face-to-face meeting. I am most pleased when a bride-to-be contacts me directly, saying that she has already been to a friend’s or family’s wedding and liked it very much. If possible, I will arrange a personal meeting with the future newlyweds or a tour of the wedding premises. Usually the meeting itself lasts about an hour as we discuss all the details of their wedding, as their idea of their dream day is particularly important to us. Subsequently, the couple is sent a quotation for the wedding season of that year. After choosing the wedding venue and the date, we start planning the wedding down to the last details. I provide each couple with an individual approach to planning their day. We have created the so-called. wedding layout, which serves us as a timetable to their event and during the wedding day I am fully available to the newlyweds. My main role is to make sure they enjoy their day to the fullest, so the complete agenda and organisation is passed on to me. During their wedding day, I also supervise the serving of the food that the newlyweds have chosen during the tasting. I must note that the final wedding day is the culmination of joint planning, organization of not only the newlyweds, me, but also the entire team of the hotel Zlatý Kľúčik.

You have done a lot of events and weddings. Do you register certain wedding trends over the years that may be returning, repeating or new ones coming up?
Trends change very quickly. Every year there is something new, different. Sometimes I find that every month different new trends come out and brides are often inspired by them. However, for us at the hotel, the most important thing is the overall vision of the bride or couple, to meet all requirements and ideas.